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Hello! I am Dr Loo, a full time mathematics tutor in Singapore and at the same time a statistics tutor in Singapore. I do provide math tuition service in Singapore for those who look for Singapore O-level math tutor, Singapore A-level Math tutor and other mathematics and statistics subjects.

As of 2020, I have accumulated 8 years of teaching experience in teaching mathematics related classes for secondary and tertiary level (including advising PhD students).

Among the teaching roles, I have the experience working as assistant professor, lecturer, mathematics & statistics advisor, math teacher, and tutor.


After working in different educational sectors, I realized the importance on preparing pre-university students with a solid quantitative literacy in order for them to excel in many of the university modules. Thus, I decided to become a full time math tutor to provide pre-university students with the best quality of maths education that I have developed. As a professional math tutor, I continually seeking to enhance my math teaching practice in order to achieve the better outcomes in terms of my students’ math progression.

Education Achievement

I am a PhD holder with finance major (Best Postgraduate Award recipient) and holding a master degree in applied statistics (Distinction).

Research Publications

I have published 5 articles on application of statistics and machine learning concept in international peer reviewed journals.

Area of Expertise

I have taught a variety of subjects in the past. Currently I solely focusing on teaching mathematics & statistics. Regarding the math tuition service I provide in Singapore, it comprises of different syllabus. For instance, I do teach secondary math tuition and others math tuition such as:


  • Training Received: On top of my math teaching experience, there were various of educational related training I have received to teach tertiary level. These has trained me to teach effectively under tertiary setting and also supervising postgraduate students in conducting research.
  • Development of Teaching Practice: In addition, my experience on working in different educator roles enables me to acquire different teaching practices for secondary and university level. Subsequently, I have developed my unique mathematics teaching practice.
  • With those capabilities, I would be confident that I can communicate effectively in transfering my knowledge to any students who join my math home class including those who are attending my Singapore O-level math tuition class and H1 math tuition and H2 math tuition.

Teaching experience

Years of teaching experience on delivering mathematics and statistics subjects

After being an educator in education sector for more than 8 years, I have held various positions other than being a mathematics tuition teacher. Below are some of the other teaching roles I involved before:

  1. Assistant professor (University)
  2. Mathematics & Statistics Advisor (University)
  3. Part time lecturer (University)
  4. International School Math Teacher for secondary level

Research Achievements

Articles Published on International Peer Reviewed Journal

  • 7 years of research experience
  • 3 research publication on applied econometrics
  • 2 research publication on machine learning
  • Multiple academic conference participations

Other Teaching Related Experience

  • Other than teaching and doing research in the past, I also constantly meeting with academic staff as mathematics & statistics advisor in university in finding solutions for helping the students learning mathematics and statistics in a better way.
  • On top of that, I do provide professional consultation to academic staff in university (lecturer until professor) on issue pertaining to statistical data analysis on research.

Contact Information

For further enquiry about my math tuition in Singapore, you may contact me (Dr Loo) through SMS/Whatsapp/Telegram at +65-85483705 to arrange for a phone discussion.

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Mathematics Tuition in Singapore

My tutoring services is mostly focusing on Singapore secondary maths. For those who are interested on my maths tutoring services in Singapore, my mode of tuition comes in different setting, this includes:

  1. Mathematics Small Group Tuition Class in Singapore
  2. Online 1-to-1 Math Tuition
  3. Online Small Group Math Tuition
  4. Online Group Math Tuition
  5. Private Mathematics Home Tuition in Singapore
  6. Small Group Mathematics Home Tuition in Singapore
  7. Year End Holiday Catch-up Program for Singapore O-level & A-level Maths
  8. O-level & A-level Mathematics Exam Revision Class

As a professional math tutor, I continually seeking to deploy the best math teaching practice in order to achieve the better outcomes of my students’ math progression.

Apart from tutors who teach a few subjects, I solely focusing on teachng mathematics & statistics as I am striving to create a cutting edge math expertise as my core teaching practice.

Characteristics of My Math Lessons

I have developed my own unique teaching approach in order to maximize the learning potentials of my students. Below are some of my teaching approaches:

  • Structure: Teaching individual solve math problem in structural way so as to approach math equation in a better way
  • Comprehension: Students will be taught on how to understand the question correctly and knowing how to solve it precisely
  • Problem solving skills: During the math class, a teacher will help to build the right math skills on student to identify the problem and explain the better way to approach a problem
  • Small Class size: Except the math refreshment program and exam revision class, I would keep most of my group tuition class small (3-6 students) in order to devote more attention to each of the students I teach in the class.
  • Student confidence: Student’s confidence is important for their academic success. I would ensure I devote enough attention to my students especially during the group class.
  • Exam preparation: It’s never too early to start preparing for exam. Students will be taught how to tackle challenging questions even way before the exams so as to better prepare for coming examination.
  • Up-to-date Syllabus: I keep track on the latest change in education syllabus to ensure the completeness of my lesson coverage.

Importance of Learning Mathematics

Mathematics is the study of numbers, shapes and patterns. It involves a varies of math topics with various application in our real life. There are many application of mathematics in real life. One of the examples is the application of mathematics in financial management. In the matter related to loan or an investment, a basic understanding of higher math such as in determining interest rate, loan repayment and also investment return. Even in home decoration, you would need to know how to calculate the area when installing tiles in a dining room.

Scope of my mathematics tuition services in Singapore

My current teaching focus is deveoted to secondary school math tuition, A-level math tuition and university math tuition. From the past I have dealed with many of the students in secondary school and university who are struggling in improving their quantitative literacy. Thus, I would hope to use the experience I gain to help other students who need such mentoring as well.

Mathematics Home Tuition in Singapore

About Dr Loo’s Math Specialist Tuition Services

Dr Loo’s Math Specialist Tuition Services focus on provide mathematics tuition in Singapore for secondary math & A-level maths. These includes O-level math tuition and JC math tuition. You can choose to either my online math tuition class in Singapore or my O-level mathematics tuition class in Singapore.

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