Secondary Math Tuition in Singapore

Hi, I am Dr Loo. For those who are looking for secondary math tuition in Singapore, I am a full time secondary math tutor in Singapore specialist in math tutoring. As of 2020, I have accumulated 8 years of teaching experience in teaching mathematics related classes for secondary and tertiary level (including advising PhD students).

Secondary Math Tutor Singapore

The Singapore Secondary Maths Tutor – Dr Loo

Name Dr Loo
Gender Male
Race Chinese
  • English
  • Chinese
  • Malay
Academic Qualification
  • PhD in Management (Major Finance, Best Postgraduate Award Recipient, UTM)
  • Master in Applied Statistics (Distinction, UM)
Total Years of Math Teaching Experience 8 years
Total Years of Online Math Teaching Experience 3 years
Past Teaching Position
  • Assistant professor (Statistics, Economics)
  • Lecturer (Math, Statistics, Finance)
  • Mathematics and statistics advisor
  • Mathematics teacher
  • Private mathematics tutor
Teaching Related Training Received
  • Training on academic Practice (Theory of learning and pedagogies etc)
  • Postgraduate research advisor training


After working in different educational sectors, I realized the importance on preparing pre-university students with a solid quantitative literacy in order for them to excel in many of the university modules. Thus, I decided to become a full time math tutor to provide pre-university students with the best quality of maths education that I have developed. As a professional math tutor, I continually seeking to enhance my math teaching practice in order to achieve the better outcomes in terms of my students’ math progression.

Secondary Maths Tuition Singapore

The Syllabus that I Teach

Below are the Singapore secondary maths syllabus that I am convering. I will always stay up-to-date to notice if there is any changes in syllabus in order to ensure what I am teaching covers the scope of the syllabus. For instance, I do teach until JC A-level maths tuition. Thus, for those who are looking for pfp maths tuition in Singapore can also contact me.

Mode of Tuition

By taking into account of different learning preference, I offer both face-to-face tutoring and also online tutoring. For instance, online tutoring could be suitable for those who would like to save their traveling time.

Online Secondary Math Tuition Singapore

Online Tutoring

  • Save travel time
  • Cost saving, my online tutoring class is generally cheaper than my face-to-face tutoring class
  • Less social pressure, students are learning at their own comfortable learning environment
Face-to-face Secondary Math Tuition Singapore

Face-to-face Tuition

  • Suitable for those who prefer to have face-to-face interaction

Class Schedule

I am a currently a full time Singapore secondary maths tutor who offers tuition classs on weekdays as well as weekends. This allows students to have a greater variety of choice in terms of the class timing.

Secondary O-level Math Tuition Schedule

Secondary O-level Maths Tuition Class Schedule

  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Sunday

For more information you may refer to details O-level Maths Class Schedule.

Secondary N-level Math Tuition Schedule

Secondary N-Level Maths Tuition Class Schedule

  • Thursday

Please contact me for the latest N-Level math tuition class schedule updates.

Tuition Fee

For secondary maths tuition, my tuition charges would be starting from S$75/hour for one-to-one tuition. The charges for group tuition is starting from S$320/4 lessons. You may check with my latest secondary math tuition fee updates.

Contact Information

Provider Name Dr Loo’s Math Specialist Tuition Services
Contact Number +65-85483705
Address 8 Burn Road, #15-13, Trivex, Singapore 369977
Opening Days Mon – Sun
Operating Hours 08:00 – 22:30
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