My JC H1 & H2 Math Tuition Charges (as of Jan 2021)

For those who are interested on my math tuition services for H1 math and H2 math, you may refer to the information below are my current charges.

JC Math Online Tuition (H1 Math & H2 Math)

Mode One-to-one Private Tutoring Small Group (3-6 students) Standard Group (9-20 Students)

SGD 85/hour to SGD 90/hour

S$350/4 lessons S$210/4 lessons


H1/H2 Math Online Tuition (Promotion Jan 2022)

The tuition fee of online 1-to-1 H2 math tuition would be S$80/hour (2 hours per class) for classes conducted on Jan 2022. Terms and conditions apply.

Promotion Singapore JC H2 Math Tuition Jan 2022

JC Math Home Tuition (H1 Math & H2 Math)

Mode One-to-One Small Group
Fees Please contact me for the charges. Open for enquiry.

 JC Math Tuition at Jurong East (H1 Math & H2 Math)

Mode One-to-one Small Group (3-4 students)
Fees N/A S$480/4 lessons

JC H2 Math June Holiday Catch Up Lessons 2021

Please refer to the follow link for the details of fees for my JC H2 mathematics June holiday holiday catch up classes.

JC H2 Math Exam Revision Lessons 2020

I do also conduct JC math exam revision classes. You may refer to the the link about the detail of my JC H2 math exam preparation class.

JC H2 Math Year End Holiday Catch Up Lessons 2020

Please refer to the follow link for the details of fees for my JC H2 mathematics year-end holiday catch up classes.




1. Each of my class (One-to-one & Small group) is conducted on 2 hours per session basis.

2. Terms and conditions apply.

3. My JC H2 math tuition schedule in 2021.

JC Math Tuition Fee Singapore (H1 & H2 Math)

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If you are interested on my JC Math Tuition (H1 Math tuition and also H2 Math Tuition), feel free to contact me through SMS/Whatsapp/Telegram at +65-85483705 (Dr Loo).

On the other hand, I also provide secondary math tuition (E-math tuition & A-math tuition) as well.

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About the JC Math Tutor – Dr Loo

I am a PhD holder with 8 years of teaching experience at secondary school and university. My expertizes are mathematics, statistics, econometrics, finance and machine learning.

Currently I do provide consultation and private tuition in Singapore. For those who are looking for math tutor in Singapore (secondary math tutor or JC math tutor) or statistics tutor in Singapore, please feel free to contact me at +65-85483705 (SMS/Whatsapp/Telegram).

Some of the math tuition in Singapore I provide includes O-level math tuition and also JC Math Tuition (H1 Math Tuition & H2 Math Tuition). On the other hand, my statistics tuition in Singapore mostly focus on pre-university level until postgraduate level.

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