Mathematical Economics Tutor Singapore

I am a full time Mathematical Economics tutor in Singapore who provides business mathematics home tutoring and online tutoring service. My highest qualification is PhD (I hold PhD in Management, Major Finance, Best Postgraduate Student Award recipient).

As of 2020, I have accumulated 8 years of teaching experience on delivering mathematics and statistics subjects for secondary and tertiary level. Previously I have held different academic position such as assistant professor, mathematics and statistics advisor, mathematics teacher, mathematics tutor and statistics tutor.

In addition, I have received teaching related training under tertiary setting and also training on supervising postgraduate research. Consequently, I am well versed of different teaching methodologies and how to guide a student to along towards a better academic achievement. This has made me to be more confident for being a competent math tutor to teach you business mathematics tuition in Singapore.

Other than providing statistics tuition in Singapore, I am also teaching mathematics tuition in Singapore. You may contact me as well if you are looking for O-level math tutor, JC H1 math tutor or JC H2 math tutor.

Mathematical Economics Tutor in Singapore

Mathematical Economics Tutor’s Profile

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Academic Qualifications

1. Doctoral Degree

PhD in Management (Major in finance), UTM


  • Best Postgraduate Student Award recipient
  • Published 3 research articles on international peer reviewed journal

2. Master degree

Master in Applied Statistics, UM


  • Distinction
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Teaching Experience

  • 8 years of teaching experience¬†on delivering mathematics and statistics.
  • Taught level:¬†secondary school, undergraduate degree, honor degree, master student until PhD candidates.
JC Math Home Tutoring Singapore

Educational Training Attended

  • Received teaching related training under tertiary setting
  • Also received¬†training on supervising postgraduate research

Mathematical Economics Tuition Singapore

When taking a Mathematical Economics subject, students will normally learn quantitative methods used to analyze economic problems with the aid of a formal model. Thus, students should be able to analyze economic models. In addition, some mathematics knowledge such as matrices, differential equations etc is also essential. By learning mathematics skills for economic students, students will be able to analyze economic ideas in mathematical terms.

For those who are looking for Mathematical Economics tutor in Singapore, I provide Mathematical Economics Tuition in Singapore. Mathematics is important in communicating economics ideas.. For those who are looking for mathematics and statistics tutor for your undergraduate & postgraduate course, if you are interested you may approach me for my statistics private tutoring service. Other than being a statistics tutor in Singapore, I also teach JC H2 Statistics Tuition as well as mathematics tuition in Singapore. My mathematics tuition covers O-level A-math tuition, JC H1 Math tuition and also JC H2 Math Tuition.

My Singapore Mathematical Economics Tuition Syllabus Coverage

My Mathematical Economics tutoring services is covering for those who are taking the following syllabus.

  • Constrained maximization
  • Differentiation
  • Calculus
  • Linear algebra
  • Matrix algebra
  • Probability
  • Others

When teaching mathematics, my teaching philosophy is to provide my students a comprehensive understanding for all the required Mathematical Economics concept which will eventually enable the student to be competent to deal with various mathematical analysis problems. Thus, if you are looking for Mathematical Economics tuition in Singapore, then you may scroll down further to read more about my Mathematical Economics tuition service.

Mathematical Economics Tuition in Singapore

Types of my Singapore Mathematical Economics Tuition

  1. Mathematical Economics Home Tuition in Singapore
  2. Online Mathematical Economics Tutoring
  3. Blended Learning approach


Mathematical Economics Home Tuition Singapore

1. Mathematical Economics Home Tuition in Singapore

In my Mathematical Economics home tuition classes, my objective is to address the difficulties commonly encountered by students. Therefore, each lesson is being organized such that it will be well-structured and delivered systematically to meet the learning needs of the students.

Benefit of taking Mathematical Economics private tuition

  • Convenience for students
  • Detailed feedback
  • Personalised attention from tutor
  • Learning at own pace
  • Minimal distractions

Class size

  • One-to-one Mathematical Economics private tutoring.

Class Duration

  • 2 hours per class.
  • One class per week.

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Tuition Fees

  • Please contact me to ask about the math home tuition fees.


At student’s place.

Mathematical Economics Online Tuition Singapore

2. Online Tuition for Mathematical Economics

With the advancement of technology, Mathematical Economics online tuition is now possible. Students can get the help out of the tutor with their math knowledge progression in front of the computer. As statistics tutor, I have also been trained before in providing online tuition. To date, I have 3 years online mathematics & statistics teaching experience in providing online math tuition and also online statistics tuition.

Benefit of taking online Mathematical Economics tuition

  • Comfortable learning environment where students just need a computer with webcam and microphone in order to attend the class.
  • Lower cost, my online business statistics tuition class’s fee would be cheaper than the face to face class.

Class size

  • One-to-one math private tutoring.
  • Small group (3 – 6 students per session)

Online Math Class Duration

  • 2 hours per class.
  • One class per week.

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Tuition Fees

One-to-one math tutoring

  • Please contact me to ask about the math online tuition fees.


Online platform eg. Microsoft Team

Contact me for my Mathematical Economics Tutoring Services in Singapore

If you are interested to have mathematics tuition class or Mathematical Economics tuition class with me, please SMS/Whatsapp/Wechat me at +65-85483705 to arrange for a phone discussion.

Mathematical Economics Private Tuition Singapore



Sometimes it could be difficult to choose whether to take a private statistics tuition class or join a group tuition. I would like to offer some of my advice regarding the selection. The tutor only has one student to teach in a private statistics tuition class. Thus, the tutor would be able to give the full focus to the student. In addition, the structure of a class and how a lesson is being delivery will be customized according to the pace of the student.


However, the cost of private statistics tuition is normally more expensive than group tuition class.

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