Adding & Subtracting Algebraic Fractions

Algebraic fraction represents a quotient of two algebraic expressions. Students will normally learn the use of algebraic fraction in O-level mathematics class. The use of algebraic fraction serve as a fundamental knowledge when learning A-level mathematics. When dealing with the operation of algebraic fractions, it can either involve the operation of the algebraic fractions with same denominators or algebraic fraction with different denominators.

Things to pay attention to when dealing with algebraic fraction

  1. Whether addition or subtraction, before performing the operation, the denominator of all fractions need to be expressed as common denominator.
  2. For example, (x/3) + (1/4) needs to be expressed as (4x/12) + (3/12) in order to perform the operation.
  3. This can be done by finding their lowest common multiple (LCM).
  4. Simplify the numerator and finally simplify the algebraic fraction.

Algebraic Fraction Practice


For the following algebraic expression, simplify it.

  1. (x/5) – x
  2. (x/3) + (x/6)
  3. (1/a) + (1/b)



  1. -4x/5
  2. x/2
  3. (a+b)/ab

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